Support of bankruptsy proceedings
The bankruptcy of a commercial organization is a fairly common phenomenon in a developing market economy, as the arbitral tribunal recognizes its inability to fully discharge its monetary obligations.

Quite often, firms declare themselves bankrupt in order to avoid excessive monetary obligations or to compel the debtor to repay debts. The outcome of the arbitration process depended on the professionalism and experience of the lawyers representing the organizations in court. Our lawyers provide services to protect the interests of any participant in a competitive legal relationship: the debtor, its founders, the supervisor, the creditors and the arbitration managers.

In addition to the standard volume of services in the form of judicial representation of interests, our collective experience has been the rapid application of interim measures to prevent the disposition of assets by the leadership of the debtor, as well as the simultaneous use of civil and criminal law mechanisms to reduce the time required to collect large amounts of debt and to protect the interests of competitive creditors and to challenge artificially created debts.

Our partnership also provides legal assistance in support of transnational bankruptcies, which is particularly relevant at this time, given the almost total lack of regulation at the national level.
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