About company
The Kutafin & Partners Law Firm is a partnership of lawyers and barristers, the first team of whom has been formed back in 2006 from graduates of the Kutafin Moscow State Academy of Law (MSAL). We provide a comprehensive legal support of projects, and help in solving complex commercial tasks.

The partnership's activity includes the following areas:

  • legal representation
  • criminal legal protection of business
  • corporate relations
  • tax advice
  • support of bankruptcy proceedings
  • problem asset management
  • copyright protection
Our advantage
Our ability to provide services and to support projects in the European part of Russia, North-Caucasian, Ural, Siberian and Far-Eastern Federal Districts, as well as in the territory of foreign states
The "project-based style" of working with customers
Our ability to build and maintain relations with public authorities
Providing comprehensive services, including, in addition to legal services, consulting and analytical ones
Contact us
+7(495)648-06-22, +7(495)648-06-09,
e-mail: info@kutafin.ru

123000 г. Moscow,
Shmitovsky Drivewave, 16, bldg.2